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Faculty Academic Planning Dean Named

Former Business School Assistant Dean Laura Gordon Fisher was named associate dean for academic planning in the Faculty of Arts

Levin Trades Lectern For Piano

Robinson Professor of the Humanities Robert D. Levin '68 walked into Literature and Arts B-54 yesterday to teach his students

Winthrop Welcomes Hansons

Nearly 100 people gathered in the Winthrop House junior common room last night to welcome the new house masters. Then,

College Closes Union Game Room

Arturo Galletti '96 says he has worked in the Freshman Union's basement recreation room for two years, but he won't

In Chemistry Department, Schreiber is an Anomaly

You can't miss the Porsche. Parked outside of the chemistry labs in Conant Hall, Professor of Chemistry Stuart L. Schreiber's

Campus Arms For Fight

Thomas J. Carens '44 remembers the exact moment on the afternoon of December 7, 1941. "I can remember sitting in

Faculty, Students Stage Ethnic Studies 'Teach-In'

In an effort to raise student and faculty awareness about ethnic studies, Students for Diversity and Ethnic Studies (STUDIES) last

Yardfest to Have Two Stages

The first annual Yardfest this Saturday will have two stages featuring live performers, carnival games and activities and free food

Kunin Discusses Education

The Clinton Administration is embarking on the most far-reaching education reform movement in 35 years, Deputy Secretary of Education Madeline

Literature, Arts Courses Lead New Core Offerings

The core program will offer 11 new courses next year on subjects ranging from Alexander the Great to fairy tales.