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9/11 prompts faux documentary

“When September 11 happened, a lot of us lost something,” director Christian Johnston says. “We wanted to get in there

Revolution Brews in Radical Bookstore

Along Mass. Ave. on the way to Central Square, the crowded display window of Revolution Books lies snuggled just between


Classics Club Puts Required Reading on Stage

Long-lost twin brothers, a shrewish wife, a crazy cook, a doddering old man, a lunatic doctor, a nymphomaniacal prostitute, a

Film Review

Peter Sanderson thought he had it all figured out. A partner at a big tax firm, he’d worked non-stop to


Harvard Alum's New Novel Takes on Death Penalty

“Dear Judge, I am on DEATH ROW for a CriME I never CoMmitted. They Say I have had all my


Pusey Displays Long-Lost Celebrity Photographs

For over two decades, hundreds of portraits of the last century’s most influential performers, authors and philosophers sat uncataloged within