Ah, Harvard. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate...wait, it’s only 50-something degrees out.

Still. These breezy warm temperatures are certainly a welcomed shift from the random cold spell that hit Cambridge just a few weeks prior, and we at Flyby are not complaining.

To the colorful chairs, which are finally making their reappearance: it’s been too long. Now is my final opportunity to steal one of you before the year’s over.

To the masses of tourists that come with the nicer weather: yes, I’ll take a picture for you in front of Widener. But not multiple pictures. I’m already late to my section in Sever.

To the fat squirrels: thanks for reminding me that sometimes, fat things that eat all the time are actually kind of cute. Did you hear that, mom? My freshman fifteen is cute.

To the grass that will be green again soon, and the pretty flowers starting to bloom once more: thanks in advance for all of the great Snapchats I’ll feature you in. Can’t wait for #springhassprung #spring #harvard #igohere.

To the happy couple cutely picnicking in the middle of the Yard: please share your secrets to maintaining a relationship. How do you do it? Do you even go here? Do people really fall in love at Harvard? What a magical thing.

And to all of the prefrosh who are wearing cold-weather gear and big red Harvard knapsacks while us students wander around in lightweight sweaters and J. Crew shorts: don’t mind us, we’re just taking what we can get. My iPhone says it’s only going to get warmer from here, so unless there’s a freak reading period snowstorm, hopefully this beautiful weather is here to stay for good.