The chosen ones

Today marks T-5 days until Eleganza, Harvard’s annual charity fashion show/display of human magnificence in dancing form. It's hard to believe that the day is so quickly approaching. It was just a few months ago that many a runway hopeful showed up to the show’s open auditions (contrary to what one might expect, it turns out that Harvard’s campus is filled with aspiring models). But everyone knows that Eleganza is extremely selective, taking only the absolute crème de la crème. In case you find yourself among those who had their modeling (read: dancing) dreams crushed by Eleganza auditions, don’t be so quick to despair--here’s Flyby’s guide on how to be an Eleganza model, so you can kill the auditions next year.

High cheekbones are an absolute must for any Eleganza model. Aim for at least a 120° angle by always looking slightly above every person's head. You want to be able to cut diamonds with your jawline.

Practice a seductive, smoldering gaze. How do you suck in your cheeks without looking constipated? Practice on your roommates. On your classmates. On your TFs! If you’re still having trouble, Tyra Banks has some good instructional videos on how to Smize made just for people like you.

Spend the summer learning how to move your body. If you think this is all about modeling, think again. Eleganza models are multitalented creatures, so if you’re just a pretty face, this isn't the place for you. Don’t be afraid to break out those dance moves--the more seductive, the better. A good benchmark for what Eleganza dancing is like is to consider how your parents would feel if they saw your performance - if the answer is "slightly uncomfortable," you’re golden.

Finally, aim for a certain "je ne sais quoi." This is probably the hardest of the criteria to master (because developing an extremely sharp cheekbone-and-jawline combo is quite easy). Unfortunately, there’s really no straightforward advice we can give here. Basically, Eleganza models are particularly cool and edgy. If you’re not, well, maybe a quick trip to Urban Outfitters will do the trick?

And even if you find yourself rejected once again by the modeling industry, don’t be too hard on yourself. I mean, you always have Harvard to fall back on.