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Shilpa Tummala: Harvard’s Youngest Proctor

Having graduated in 2016, Shilpa Tummala is Harvard's youngest — and also coolest — proctor.

Crimson Clock
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We Hate the New Schedule Too

We have one simple request: bring back Harvard time. This new schedule thing is getting out of hand.

Harvard Art Museums
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PSA: Late Night at the Harvard Art Museums

Never been to the art museums here? Now is your chance—free food, a live DJ, and culture await.

Thayer Selfie
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Dude That's Rude: First Years

Your 2 a.m. rendition of In My Feelings by Drake is not exactly music to our ears.

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Zig Zag Over to Zambrero

Get yourself to Zambrero, like NOW.

Hollis is Chill

Dear HOLLIS: Why?

I thought we were close, but you've been really difficult these past few weeks.

Social Spaces
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Use Your BoardPlus Before the Semester Ends

You have 60 dollars of board plus left, and the overwhelming pressure of knowing you have to spend it in order to justify all the money you pay in tuition. Here's what to do.

In, Out: April and May
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In, Out: April and May

Leverett Formal
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Last Ditch Attempts to Snag your Crush Before The Semester Ends

With only three weeks left in the semester, now is the time to woo that kid you make uncomfortable, prolonged eye contact with in Quincy dhall.

Maxwell Dworkin Showers
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Let's Talk About the Showers in Maxwell Dworkin

We're told that engineers don't bathe, but Maxwell Dworkin apparently has showers in the building. Curious...

Land April 27
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This Week in Photos: April 23 - April 27

We endured prefrosh clogging up our classes and were rewarded for our patience with a taste of sunny, warm weather. All this and more, this week.

cvs jfk
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Bracing Yourself for Reading Period

You should probably start packing for summer, like, now.

Serentiy Room
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How to Practice Self-Care During Reading Period and Finals

When you’re stressed and tired, your work performance and efficiency suffers as well. Taking some time to relax can actually save you time in the long run.

The Beehive
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Final Clubs: Take a Page From the Oak's Playbook

With all the planks of wood sticking out of backpacks around school, we've been thinking that other clubs should reconsider how to initiate new members.

Floor plan
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Why the Housing Lottery Should Count For EMR

There is so...much...math involved in figuring out housing arrangements that we're thinking it should fulfill the EMR requirement.