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How Did the UC Candidates Spend Their Money?

Four tickets vying to serve as next year’s Undergraduate Council president and vice president spent a total of $649.52 over the course of the UC’s 10-day campaign.

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Undergraduate Council

Sachee and Khansarinia Sworn In as UC Leaders

Yasmin Z. Sachee ’18 and Cameron K. Khansarinia ’18, who won last month’s Undergraduate Council presidential election, were sworn in as next year’s President and Vice President of the UC during Sunday’s general meeting.


Q Guide Will Likely Ask About Affordability of Course Materials

Beginning next semester, the Q guide will likely contain a question about the affordability of course materials—part of an ongoing effort by the committee to address the high course material costs on campus.

Student Votes on Social Organizations Referenda

Majority of Student Voters Oppose College Sanctions in UC Ballot

Sixty percent of undergraduates who voted in this year’s UC presidential election said the College should repeal sanctions on unrecognized single-gender social organizations

UC 2016 Winners

Next UC Leaders Sachee and Khansarinia Outline Goals

A "multicultural cabinet," caucuses for underrepresented groups, and mandating annual sexual assault prevention training workshops are among the among the main goals of the Undergraduate Council's President- and Vice President-elect.

Crimson Crossfire Undergraduate Council Debate

Data Project Predicts Sachee and Khansarinia as UC Victors

​A Harvard Open Data Project analysis predicts that Undergraduate Council presidential candidate Yasmin Z. Sachee ’18 and running mate Cameron K. Khansarinia ’18 will likely be the winners of the UC presidential election tonight.

UC Executive Meeting

‘Allegations of Campaign Violations’ Delay UC Election Results

Due to allegations that Undergraduate Council presidential candidates or campaign staff violated campaign rules, the UC executive board voted in an “urgent” meeting Thursday night to grant the UC Election Commission extra time to certify the results of the UC’s presidential election.