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The Fox Club

Lessons from JFK St.

The Fox Club's decision to remain all-male speaks volumes about the perception of the sanctions.


Harvard Should Tread Cautiously With Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh’s alleged misconduct may be a national story, but it is one eerily reminiscent of our own campus culture.

General Lee

Fumbling The Game

We urge Harvard to take action to ensure that The Game remains a source of stress relief, rather than additional headaches.

Jay Gonzalez

Endowment Tax Proposal Represents New Attack on Harvard, Higher Ed

Perhaps the greatest consequence the proposed endowment tax has on society is its casual dismissal of the important work universities do to change the world for the better.

HCFA Building

After Defining 'Probation,' Harvard Should Clarify Expectations

While the College is making efforts to hold groups to community norms, it has yet to satisfactorily articulate and disseminate what those norms are.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals' "Kashmir If You Can"

A Drag Into the 21st Century

While the Hasty Pudding’s decision to admit women is positive, finally allowing women into an organization over 40 years after Harvard went co-ed is a decision that is long overdue.


The Bird is the Word, With Reservations

Given the financial and operational advantages that dockless electric scooters offer, we hope the City of Cambridge will commit to a pilot program.

huds items

Bring Back Hot Breakfast in the Houses

With the financial crisis now more than a decade in the rear view mirror, now is the time for the University to bring back hot breakfast.

Innovation at the Northwest

End of 'Harvard Time' Causing Logistical Nightmares

It is troubling that current students were not more widely consulted during the process of changing the institutional rhythm around which their lives are built.

Lawrence S. Bacow

Bacow is On the Right Track

We remain optimistic for the future of Harvard under Bacow’s leadership, and are eager to see how he will shape the University in the years ahead.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Affirmative Action Must Also Be Defended Out of Court

In the face of the dire threat to the existence of affirmative action posed by SFFA's lawsuit against Harvard, the University must do more to defend its policies publicly.

The New Smith Center

Smith Campus Center Answers Students' Need for More Common Spaces

The greatest innovation  of the Smith Campus Center is that it now serves as a space in which the entire Harvard community can come together and connect.

Living Wage Campaign

Treating Contracted Employees Right

The University could not run without its employees of all levels, and Harvard’s pay and benefits for its service workers shows its recognition of this.


New Zoning Regulations Targeting Marijuana Stores Should Go Up in Smoke

Regulations threaten to restrict Cambridge’s economic growth and worsen the problems that the city is trying to solve.

Admissions Files

When Harvard Ditches Veritas

In failing to further investigate whether it discriminates against Asian Americans in its application process, Harvard ditched educational values and its own motto — “veritas.”