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Visuals Preview

The prescience of “Kandinsky in 1914,” which opened this weekend at the Busch-Reisinger Museum, seems to have gone unnoticed. In

'Global Conceptualism': The Big Idea

In Vancouver, a man dressed as Mr. Peanut campaigns for mayor. In Hungary, throngs of student protesters are stopped by

Mallory Lake: Italy Light and Shadow

Insipid, tepid and vigorously lacking in originality, the Pucker Gallery's current exhibit of pastels by Mallory Lake, Italy Light and

Fake Plastic Trees: The Future of Landscape at the ICA

In an urban art market whose aesthetic standards are broadcast from a corner office in Times Square, there would appear

Dada's Children: Fluxus Redux

The early 1960s artists' collective known as Fluxus is among the most elusive "movements" of late twentieth century art. Its

The Field Guide Part Two: A Guide to Boston Art Galleries

In the promotional material for "1999: Celebrating Boston's Artists," a year-long project organized by the Boston Art Dealers Association, a

The Field Guide: Part One of Our Guide to Boston Visual Art

The difficulty of seeing art-especially contemporary art-in Boston has less to do with a simple lack than with inefficient distribution.