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Nine Loses Doubleheader to Green

The varsity baseball team took undisputed possession of the Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League cellar last Saturday by dropping a crucial

The Marrying Kind

The Marrying Kind a new comedy by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin (the authors of Adam's Rib and Born Yesterday)

Nine Faces Favored Crusaders Here

Two ex-major league stars, Stuffy McInnis and Jack Barry, both of whom played in the famous Philadelphia Athletic $100,000 infield

Nine Trips MIT, 5-4, for Third Win

Russ Johnson, the varsity baseball team's slugging first basemen, belted a double and a home run yesterday to drive in

Ball Team, BU Tie, 6-6, as Arnold Stars In Relief, Johnson Homers

Stuffy McInnis was fit to be tied yesterday and tied he was, too, 6 to 6, by Boston University. After

Ward To Pitch in College, BU Game

Righthander Bob Ward, who lost a five-hitter to the Army last weekend, will receive his second starting assignment of the

Five Fingers

Five Fingers tells the extraordinary (and presumably true) story of a valet who succeeded in photographing numerous top-secret Allied documents

Walsh May Pitch and Catch On Pitcher-Shy Varsity Nine

The third week of spring baseball practice began yesterday and with it came the announcement by Coach Stuffy McInnis that

The Las Vegas Story

Howard Hughes' latest effort, The Las Vegas Story, has the same old Hughesian ingredients: Jane Russell's bust, Vincent Price's portrayal

Douglas Asks 2-Point Plan To End Government Abuses

Senator Paul H. Douglas (D. Ill.) last night offered two cures for prevailing "pressure, influence, and favoritism" in the administrative

Harvard Gets Yale Through 250 Historic Years

In the Year of Our Lord 1718 an affluent London merchant who had been born in the American colonies received

Reischauer, Schwartz Feel Divided Korea Is Only Possible Settlement

A Western diplomat declared last week in Washington that it was of the utmost importance for observers of the current

Slichter Hits Excessive Spending for Defense

"It is highly probable" that the amount of money which the Truman Administration wants to spend on national defense during


WEDNESDAY, September 12, New York--- 8:50--Arrive Polo Grounds. Push, claw, and body-punch through 61, 369 fans in effort to enter


WEDNESDAY, September 12, New York-- 8:50--Arrive Polo Grounds. Push, claw, and body-punch through 61, 369 fans in effort to enter