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Making Opera House Calls

T he doctor asks his patient to say" Aahh" as he examines her throat. What comes out is a perfect

AIDS Treatment Shows Positive Test Tube Results

Research by Harvard Medical School faculty at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute may shed light on a new strategy to

How to Make A Vaccine

In the 1770s, British physician Edward Jenner began noticing a strange phenomenon. It was known that milkmaids sometimes caught a

In Brief

Looking for some good chemistry? According to a recent survey, papers by members of Harvard's chemistry faculty rank first in

Now Accepting Applications: A Sperm Bank?

The largest sperm bank in the United States has opened up shop in Cambridge, and it's looking for a few

The Health Care System: A Costly Bureaucracy

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Medicine Dr. David Blumenthal '70 is one of 47 non-government health policy experts chosen

Scientist Reports Possible New Step Toward Treating Muscular Dystrophy Syndrome

A new step toward treating muscular dystrophy may lie in the discovery of a new form of a nervous system

Study Says Gene Linked To Pregnancy Disorder

Doctors, including one working at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, may have found a genetic mutation responsible for dangerous increases

Mass. Biotech Gathers at World Trade Center

BOSTON--Some criticisms of the pricing practices of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are valid, said Dr. Edward M. Scolnick '61 in

On Women's Health Issues

Editor's note: A Crimson reporter recently had the opportunity to be a guest at an international women's health conference in

Russian Science Looks Ahead

Two possible futures, one optimistic, the other apocalyptic, loom for the survival of science in the now uncertain and uneasy

Doctors in U.S. Not Happy With System

Compared to their Canadian and German counterparts, American physicians were least satisfied with their nation's health care system, according to


Are you oversensitive to pollen? Do trees make you sneeze? Then you may be in for this spring's It's only

Meselson Ventures to Russia

Until today, officials in the former Soviet Union could claim that a 1979 anthrax epidemic in Russia which killed 68

HMS Holds Gay Issues Conference

An unprecedented discussion of the nature of homosexuality will take place tomorrow at a conference at the Medical School. The