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Harvard Today Feb 15, 2019

LONG! WEEKEND! —  Lucy Liu and Sienna R. Santer, STAFF WRITERS

In the News

HUHS  Counselor Denies Culpability in Suit

HUHS mental health counselor Melanie G. Northrop has denied charges filed against her in a wrongful death suit alleging negligence in the care of a Harvard undergraduate who died by suicide in 2015. Northrop denies allegations of negligence, and says that she could not have foreseen the student’s death.

Harvard and SFFA Spar in Post-Trial Hearing

On Wednesday, the two sides in the Harvard affirmative action suit squared off yet again, this time summarizing points that they had made over the course of the trial. Many of the arguments centered around whether Harvard admissions data shows an anti-Asian-American bias in recent years.


Bigger Harvard Flexes than AirPods

If you’ve noticed yourself saying (or at least thinking) “weird flex but ok” more than average on Harvard’s campus, you’re not alone. Check out some of the biggest subtle and less-than-subtle flexes that Harvard students roll out on the regular.


Amazon Cancels New Headquarters In New York

Plans to build a new Amazon headquarters in New York City, which would eventually have over 25,000 employees working there, have been cancelled. New York had offered Amazon a deal worth over $1.5 billion to construct its headquarters there, sparking protests. New York politicians had said they were excited about the new jobs Amazon would create. Amazon will proceed with its plans to build headquarters in New Jersey.

Trump Will Declare National Emergency

After the 35-day government shutdown, President Trump has decided to sign Congress’s spending bill. After signing, Trump plans to declare a state of national emergency, therefore bypassing Congress, in order to get funding to build the border wall.

Parkland Mourns Victims on One-Year Anniversary of Shooting

Many gathered in Parkland, Fla. for a day of mourning to remember the one-year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the deadliest school shooting in history. A moment of silence was held as the crowd, wearing maroon #MSDStrong t-shirts, mourned the 17 lives lost.