University Hall

Faculty Council Votes For New Engineering Concentration

Harvard’s Faculty Council voted in favor of a new engineering concentration and discussed proposals concerning the Neurobiology department and the Asia Center.


Physics Department Celebrates Julian Schwinger’s Life and Work

Former colleagues and students of Julian S. Schwinger remembered the late physicist for giving exceptional lectures.

New Dean of Arts and Humanities at Barker Center

Faculty Search Advisory Group Pushed For Bacow

Several faculty members on a committee advising the presidential search team suggested Lawrence S. Bacow for the top job.

Astrophysics Center

Astrophysicists Develop New Universe Simulation

Scientists at Harvard and five other institutions around the world have developed a new computer simulation of the universe.

Native Peoples, Native Politics

FAS Hires First Professor of Native American History

​Harvard’s first-ever tenured professor in Native American studies—History professor Philip J. Deloria—began teaching this January.

Mike Smith at Convocation

Smith Says Endowment Tax Will Limit New Projects

Following a new university endowment tax, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said he will not commit to long-term projects for the time being.

Morals and the Mind

Teaching Fellows Face Uncertainty During Shopping Week

Graduate students and faculty said early semester fluctuating enrollments in their classes can cause challenges for course staff, who often face uncertain schedules as a result.

Stanford Masters Program

Advanced Standing at Harvard Less Popular than Stanford Equivalent

A "tiny" percentage of students use Advanced Standing at Harvard. But across the country at Stanford, one in five undergrads take advantage of a similar program.

Carter Eckert

Carter Eckert

Professor Carter J. Eckert shares his thoughts on the unified Korean team in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.

University Hall, Fall 2017
Student Life

Students Still Confused After Gen Ed Delay

As admins postpone the roll-out of the long-awaited new Program in General Education, students continue to express confusion over how they will fulfill their requirements.

SEAS Sophomore Convocation

SEAS Hosts Second-Ever Sophomore Convocation

The number of sophomore concentrators and the total number of SEAS concentrators are both record-highs for the school, according to SEAS spokesperson Paul Karoff.


Harvard Offers Gullah for Second Semester

​Gullah, a largely oral, African-American creole first taught at Harvard in the fall, is now being offered for a second semester.


Three Architects Join Design School’s Faculty

The Graduate School of Design will soon welcome renowned architects Jeanne Gang, Mark Lee, and Sharon Johnston into its halls as new professors of practice.

Dean Harris

General Education Changes Pushed Back to Fall 2019

The full implementation of new General Education requirements has been pushed back by a year, with a new target roll-out date of fall 2019.

Unnamed photo

Economics Professors Predict Bitcoin Will Drop in Value

"My guess is that sooner or later governments are going to regulate cryptocurrencies out of existence," Economics professor Jeffrey A. Miron said.