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University Hall

Faculty Council Approves New Committee to Propose Shopping Week Replacement

The Faculty Council voted Wednesday to move one step closer to eliminating “shopping week,” a Harvard tradition popular among undergraduates.

Central Administration

As Admissions Trial Nears, Bacow Insists 'We Don't Discriminate Against Anybody'

The brand-new president said he is “confident” Harvard will prevail in court when the suit goes to trial on Oct. 15, though he is unsure what the Supreme Court may do should the case come before the nation's highest judges.

Harvard Law School Library
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Refuses to Say Whether Kavanaugh Will Return to Teach in January

The school’s silence comes as students are calling for decisive action to address allegations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted two women. Some have urged that the nominee be barred from teaching at Harvard.

The Phoenix S.K. Club

‘Cultural’ Fraternities and Sororities Offer Harvard Students Chance at Sanctions-Free Greek Life

Cultural Greek groups are not subject to the College’s sanctions because their membership spans multiple schools, according to Harvard spokesperson Aaron M. Goldman.

Michelle Williams
School of Public Health

Harvard School of Public Health Raises $933 Million in Capital Campaign

The total more than doubles the goal of $450 million the school announced in October 2013.

Harvard Law School

Students Call on Harvard Law to Bar Kavanaugh from Teaching Pending Probe Into Sexual Assault Allegations

Four Law School students demanded the University prevent Kavanaugh from teaching in Cambridge in an opinion piece published in the Harvard Law Record Thursday.

Piles of Money

Harvard Raises $9.6 Billion in Final Capital Campaign Tally, Smashing Its Own Fundraising Record

Harvard just beat Harvard's own fund-raising record. The University closed out its record-smashing capital campaign at $9.6 billion, meaning the school surpassed its original fundraising goal by more than $3 billion.

Harvard Admissions

Harvard Asks Court to Exclude Evidence of Past Anti-Semitism in Admissions Trial

Students for Fair Admissions, the plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit, planned to bring at least a dozen exhibits related to anti-Semitic discrimination at Harvard.

Diversity Dean Chapman
Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Students, Encouraged by Diversity Efforts, Say They’re 'Energized' to Push For More

The Harvard Kennedy School has taken a number of steps in recent months to address concerns students and faculty raised about diversity.

Bacow in Michigan
Higher Education

Bacow Heads to Home State of Michigan In Quest to Fix Harvard’s Image Problem

Bacow, a Michigan native, stopped through Detroit and Pontiac to make the case to locals that Harvard can positively impact their lives and neighborhoods. The trip comes at a perilous moment for higher education in America.

Capitol Building
Central Administration

With Endowment Tax on the Horizon, Harvard Still Doesn’t Know How to File Its Returns

Harvard is still awaiting federal guidance on how to file taxes under a law passed in Dec. 2017 that levied an “unprecedented” excise tax on some universities’ endowment returns, according to a spokeswoman.

Faculty Escape the Rain for a Meeting

Faculty Council Debates Proposal to Kill Shopping Week

Many students’ worst scheduling fear is one step closer to reality after Wednesday’s Faculty Council meeting. There is now an official proposal on the table to end shopping week — though it's far from implementation.

Bacow at Convocation

Harvard, Univ. of Michigan Partner to Address Economic Opportunity, Opioid Crisis

Harvard and the University of Michigan will partner on initiatives and summits to address economic opportunity and the opioid epidemic.

Harvard Management Company
Harvard Management Co

Harvard’s Farmland Holdings Come Under Fire In New Report

Harvard Management Company has spent more than $1 billion to buy more than 800,000 hectares of farmland, a new report estimates.

Graduate Student Unionization Debate

Grad Union Expects to Start Negotiating With Harvard 'Early' This Semester

If HGSU-UAW does begin pushing for a contract with Harvard this semester, it will cap off an eventful — and historic — year for both the University and the brand-new union.