Front Feature

Faust at IOP
Central Administration

Senators Call on Faust to Increase Public Service Funding

The letter expresses concerns that unpaid internships in the public sector will only be available to students who have “more financial resources.”

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Harvard ‘Investigating’ After Swastika Found at School of Public Health

The symbol was formed of thumb tacks and posted on a bulletin board marketing epidemiology job postings on the fifth floor of the school’s Kresge Building.

Year in Review - Pfister: Talk

University to Require Faculty and Staff to Complete Title IX Online Training

Faculty and staff across Harvard will be required to complete an online training on the University’s sexual and gender-based harassment policy starting in the fall.

Final Clubs

Social Group Coalitions Spent $90,000 Lobbying On Anti-Sanctions Bill in First Quarter of 2018

Two organizations spent a total of $90,000 in the first quarter of 2018 lobbying around legislation that could imperil the College’s ability to enforce its social group sanctions.

Rakesh Khurana
Final Clubs

Khurana Speaks Out Against Movement to Oppose Sanctions

Asked whether he is concerned by the push to oppose the penalties, Khurana said he thinks “people should respect a private institution’s ability to organize itself around its mission.”

The Spee Club

Harvard May Demand Social Groups Submit Gender Breakdowns to Avoid Sanctions

Harvard is considering requiring gender-neutral student social groups to disclose anonymized gender breakdowns to the College in order to avoid Harvard’s sanctions, per an email obtained by The Crimson.

Drew Faust

Harvard Will Bargain With Grad Union

​Harvard will collectively bargain with its newly formed graduate student union, University President Drew G. Faust said in an interview Tuesday.

Drew G. Faust
Drew Faust

Faust Forms Committee to ‘Review’ Lead-Up to Arrest of Black Student

Faust has formed a “review committee” to determine the exact “sequence of events” leading to the forcible arrest of a black undergraduate April 13 and to undertake a “systematic examination” of a wide variety of Harvard policies.

HCFA Building

In Private Meeting About HCFA, Dean Cited Fears Harvard Seen as Attacking Christianity

At the March 9 meeting, Davis said some administrators worried Harvard would be perceived as waging war on Christianity if the College punished HCFA further, according to four students in attendance.

UC Hacked
Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Website Briefly Hacked By ‘Iran Cyber Security Group’

During the hack, visitors to the website encountered a cartoon of President Donald Trump being punched in the chin by an individual who wore a wristband striped the colors of the Iranian flag: green, white, and red.

Unionization Vote
Central Administration

Newly Minted Union Solicits Nominations for Bargaining Committee

Thirteen students will be elected to the committee, which will take charge of collecting feedback from union members, setting negotiation agendas, and representing the union at the bargaining table.

Capitol Building

Harvard Undergrads Lobby Congress In Effort to Imperil Sanctions

The students are particularly lobbying around the PROSPER Act, a proposed update to the Higher Education Act that—if passed—could force Harvard to choose between millions of dollars in federal research funding and its social group penalties.


Cambridge Police Will Add Office to Monitor Racial Bias, Use of Force

Through the new office, which will be called the Office of Procedural Justice, Cambridge Police hopes to show a commitment to transparency and responsibility by analyzing citizens’ confrontations with the police.

Unionization High Chart

Polling Shows Strong Union Support Among Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences Students

Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences students were much more likely to vote to unionize in Harvard’s election last week than were Sciences and Engineering and Applied Sciences students.

Unionization Vote

In Historic Move, Harvard Teaching and Research Assistants Vote to Unionize

In a historic move, Harvard teaching and research assistants have voted to form a union. The results of a unionization election held April 18 and 19 showed 1,931 ballots cast in favor and 1,523 against.