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Dragon Prince S1 still

‘The Dragon Prince’ Embraces Nostalgia, Inclusivity

“The Dragon Prince” is no mere clone, but it shares much of its DNA with Ehasz’s previous work.

Vox Explained Photo

Making Sense of the World with ‘Explained’

“Explained,” the weekly informational Netflix show produced by Vox Media, is both nothing new and an interesting development in the ever more varied field of television.

Bo Burnham on 'Eighth Grade'

Hyperconnected and Lonely: A Conversation with Bo Burnham

A more extensive concern is validated by the fact that Bo Burnham has spent the majority of his life performing and talking about performance.


From Boston Calling 2018: Eminem Thrills, Bloats with Excess

With the exception of a few songs like “Stan” and “Lose Yourself,” the music was hardly the most memorable part of the evening—so much else was happening onstage, namely a mass of inessential elements that unnecessarily distracted from the show.

Jack White

From Boston Calling 2018: Jack White Brings His Distinct Sound and Politics to Boston

Perhaps the best way to think about White’s performance, however, is less as a set of songs and more as a nearly two-hour-long stream of almost unbroken guitar riffs and drum beats.

Manchester Orchestra

From Boston Calling 2018: Saturday Sound Bites

Starting off Saturday at Boston Calling with Leikeli47 was an excellent choice.


From Boston Calling 2018: Fleet Foxes in Bucolic Harmony

As the light faded and the rain came down on the crowd at Boston Calling’s Delta Blue Stage, Fleet Foxes brought a bit of natural beauty to Allston.


From Boston Calling 2018: The Killers Wed Spectacle and Nostalgia

As frontman and vocalist Brandon Flowers repeated throughout their set, The Killers came to Boston Calling “by way of glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada,” and much of the glitz and showmanship that makes that city special came with them.


From Boston Calling 2018: The National A Uniquely Moody Act

The National proved that their particular brand of contemplative tunes could very well be adapted for a live performance by bringing out the rock roots of their music.


del Toro Recaptures His Magic in ‘The Shape of Water’

One stand-out example of cinematography in 'The Shape of Water' is a sex scene that takes place in a room full of water.

Ethan B. Reichsman '19

Arts Vanity: So You Want to be Damien Chazelle

Maybe his last film didn’t win Best Picture, but he’s still the youngest person ever to win Best Director! And why shouldn’t he be? After all, he went to Harvard.


Beauty and the Brain: The Emerging Field of Neuroaesthetics

Neuroaesthetics, an innovative but controversial new area of neuroscience research, has the potential to help us understand the ways our brain responds to art. But some remain skeptical of how much science can really tell us about aesthetic experiences. The Crimson surveys the state of the field on campus and beyond.

The Good Place

‘The Good Place’ Pulls a Twist, Sticks the Landing

It can be hard for a show to recover from a major twist, and it’s hard to think of a more earth-shattering twist than the one that “The Good Place” revealed in its Season One finale.

Film Editing

What is Film Editing?

There’s a reason film editing is often called “the invisible art”: The goal of most editors is to create a seamless finished product, with no trace of their tampering. In reality, their fingerprints are all over the final film, and they are often among the most important figures in the entire process.


‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ Pairs Tragedy and Black Comedy

By establishing a world with bizarre characters and twisted logic, Lanthimos is able to mine the drawn-out, if inevitable, build-up to a dramatic conclusion for an equal measure of laughs and chills.