Fisher, '81, is teaching school in Colorado.

Studley, '81, is principal of a school at Concord.

There are fifty-nine students boarding at Allnutt's.

Wanted-A desk. Send address to HERALD office.

Jaretski, '81, is attending the New York Law School.


The new sweating jerseys for the 'Varsity crew were made by Kidd of New York.

The Institute of Technology Athletic Club holds its winter meeting this afternoon at 2.30.

The candidates for the 'Varsity commence their gymnasium practice daily, at 4.15 P. M.

The Harvard symphony concert at the Boston Museum was well attended, and a very favorable reception was extended Mlle. Urso.

The marks of Mr. Gummere's sections in the hour examination of Sophomore Rhetoric are out and can be obtained at Mr. Gummere's room, 51 Gray's street.

It is announced that the marks of those in Freshman advanced sections will not count any more in making out the rank list than those of the other sections.

Billy, the postman, fell down yesterday, injuring his arm quite seriously. It is not yet possible to say how soon he will be able to resume his duties.

Mr. Mayberry will take charge of the recitations and laboratory work in Chemistry 1, as Prof. Jackson will be occupied with the lectures to the freshman class.

The class of 1829, Harvard University, dined at the Parker House Thursday evening, and among the speakers were Rev. James Freeman Clarke and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

The new jerseys for the University Crew arrived Thursday. They are made of white worsted, and have a large "H" embroidered in crimson. They are extremely neat and pretty.