Roundtable: Alison Brie and Dave Franco on their New Film “Somebody I Used to Know”

The Harvard Crimson attended discussions with Dave Franco, Alison Brie, and Jay Ellis to discuss upcoming film “Somebody I Used to Know.”

Marcus Schulkind Profile: Keeping Ballet Vital

In an interview with The Harvard Crimson he spoke on the importance of establishing a “yin yang” relationship between dance, health, and “movement and energy,” citing his acupuncture work as the catalyst for making him more aware of this vital connection.

‘Kindred…’ but not Really: The Dissection of the Adaptation

The TV series “Kindred,” which premiered on Dec. 13th of last year, was created by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and aimed to modernize Butler's novel.

Artist Profile: YL Represents NYC with Effortless Swag

Rapper YL is breathing life into the New York underground with his vintage fashion sense and effortless, throwback-inspired raps.



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