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My Stat TF Plays Genshin What Do I Do?


We’re (Not) Body-Inclusive

To put it simply, I support body autonomy. Each of us should have the prerogative to lead life how we want to — whether you want to pursue fat loss or never hit 3k steps on your Apple Watch. I just want us to probe how much we actually support overall well-being, and not just certain body ideals.

How To Study During the Winter

How do you turn pages with mittens on?

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By The Crimson Editorial Board

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Sayed Faisal Should Have Received Help, Not a Bullet

That a mental crisis escalated to a chase by at least four police officers and ended up in the death of an individual is heartbreaking, to say the least. Even as the details surrounding Sayed Faisal’s fatal encounter with Cambridge Police Department officers on Jan. 4 are yet to be uncovered, one thing remains clear: The system failed Faisal.

A Crack in the Stone of College Sports

Schools must provide better safeguards within their sports teams to monitor team culture, coaching pedagogy, and athlete mental health. We want student athletes to find fulfillment and pride in their teams, instead of the current overwhelming pressure they weather with hearts of stone.

Harvard’s (Second) Most Elite Club

Inevitably, many of us will one day become alumni ourselves, whose votes will elect future Board members. Prior to graduation, we should seek a better understanding of the Board of Overseers both to improve its current function and to protect our future voices and votes.


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Scientists Must Only Seek Truth

Scientists have a unique power to unveil the deepest truths about our physical and natural world. In the world of academic research, the only goal should be to obtain truth — we should never let honesty fall second to the pursuit of personal gain.

Taking This Month to Show Gratitude for Blackness

In brainstorming what I could write about this month, I found myself constantly thinking, “That’s too basic” or “I don’t have anything new to say.” Then I realized: Why write about something new at all? I could simply write about the things that I loved about Blackness.

South Asians, Police Abolition Is Your Responsibility Too

We should know that we would not be able to live comfortably in this country without the civil rights movement that in many ways fought against police brutality, just as Black Lives Matter does today. We can clearly articulate the problems of corruption and violence that exist in our motherlands, but why do we often fail to do so in the United States?


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A More Rigorous Humanities

Humanities courses need to challenge their students to know the material thoroughly and to have considered its significance deeply. In other words, they need to be more rigorous.

Spaces as Shadows of Memory

Dear readers, in this last column piece, I leave you with a challenge: The next time you’re in a shared space, one filled with joy and hope, appreciate it in its entirety. The mental snapshot you take of that moment in time will decrease in clarity as time passes, but the value you found in that space — and similar shared spaces — need not.

Neptune in Aquarius Generation

When I started this column several months ago, I asked you to run away into the stars with me. I hope you have marveled at what you found alongside me. I hope you have fallen in love with yourself through astrology’s external view of yourself. I hope you will continue to love and cherish yourself.

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