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Opt Out

Harvard students are great at solving optimization problems — the hard part is knowing what to optimize for.

Whiteness Without the Privilege

Perhaps the 2030 Census will give Arab Americans minority status through a distinct Census classification without fear of surveillance, but instead with pride in their heritage.

Our Kids Will Be Better

How do you raise a child to have a life that you yourself have never known? This is the greatest paradox I have grappled with during my time at Harvard.

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Stop Criticizing My Concentration Choice

The assumption that humanities or social sciences concentrations are “easy” is just plain wrong.

A Better Climate Playbook

Particularly at two of America’s leading universities, we should aspire for a more elevated understanding of the climate challenge — in all its complexity and nuance.

What Have I Learned From Harvard?

Can I truly and honestly say that Harvard has made me the better person I wanted to be? I don’t know. What I can say is Harvard has shown me my limitations and strengths, and given me a realistic sense of who I really am.


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Is a Consulting Job Ever Just a Job?

This tarnishing of McKinsey, being the “best” of the consulting firms, is one that might force Harvard students to contemplate their entire existence.

Tomb of the Unknown Survivor

There are unknown survivors, too, and not just of war, but of a sadly innumerable array of atrocities. Odds are you know a survivor. I am a survivor. The only honor most of us ever get is the time we still have left to live.

The Ancestor You Will Be

In the age of today, we have a choice in how we will join the ranks of tomorrow — as members of an imperfect world, where people are denied rights in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you and I are tasked with the responsibility to protest.

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