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Harvard Should Rethink Its Architectural Approach

If Lowell is any indicator, Adams House, Harvard’s next target in its River House renewals, will bow architecturally and unapologetically to the past.

Boys Go to Jupiter

By diminishing the value of friendships between boys and girls, we stunt the learning that can be done from befriending those with different experiences and identities.

The Myth of the "Common Man"

Trump did win rural voters, and Clinton did fail to connect with everyday Americans. But the common man, as portrayed by nearly every political analyst, is more myth than fact.

How—and Why—to Practice Self-Care

Remember, you are more than your degree, more than your activities, and more than your schedule. First and foremost, you’re a person, worthy of respect, care, and comfort, from others and yourself. Setting aside bits of time each day to care for yourself can help you be a more fulfilled, complete person.

Big Brother’s PC Culture

In the wake of this censorship, the attitudes and ideas eschewed by PC vocabulary are becoming increasingly inexpressible.

President Trump’s Transgender Transgressions

For ten years, I led soldiers as an officer in the United States Army, and I know that we can effectively integrate transgender soldiers into the military.

The World As It Should Be

When people talk about immigration reform, they tend to focus on people like us: Ivy League graduates, brought to America early in life, unaccented and unencumbered. Upend the institutions and narratives that praise us for our degrees but exclude those who didn’t have our access.

A Place for All (Who Agree with Me)

I would submit that today we declare “we welcome everyone,” then secretly add “but not them.” This coercion of values is especially disturbing when the only values that anyone seems to care about are tolerance and non-discrimination.

Star Wars, Superheroes, and Harvard

Brand-name films are riding their own momentum into mediocrity. Is the same thing happening at Harvard?

The Black Debt Problem

It strikes us as odd that President Faust—a historian who has dedicated much of her academic life to the study of the American Civil War (and therefore the history of American slavery)—could both acknowledge Harvard’s ties to slavery and simultaneously fail to articulate a plan of repayment.

An Open Online Harvard

There is a tremendous opportunity for Harvard to push the digital envelope of education and set an example for other institutions to follow. With the rapid rise of digital content and devices connected to the internet, now is the right time to mobilize technology for global good.

Premier Khurana and the Enemies of the Smirking Class

It is impossible that Rakesh “Community” Khurana will be able to stomach looking like Stalin terrorizing Ukrainian farmers. The sanctions will then have to go. There is no other way.

Committed Liberal Arts Thinkers in Overlooked Places

For us all, coming from diverse life paths that lead to taking The Human Condition at Lee College, it was incredibly difficult to talk about ideas and feelings. Nonetheless, we knew at the end of the course, some for the first time, that there is a certain value to education that can’t be captured by marketable college degrees, accelerated curricula, or Core Curriculum checkboxes.

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