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Prince A. Williams

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Dissent: Harvard Square is Not the Center of the Universe

It’s time we asked ourselves, who’s really to blame for Harvard Square being so inaccessible: individual tourists or the multibillion-dollar university that created a local economy with 16 dessert shops, more than 10 banks, and an overpriced CVS in an effort to appeal to them?

More of the Same? Harvard Needs More Than Symbolic Change From Claudine Gay

Claudine Gay’s appointment as the first Black woman president of Harvard University is a historic moment for representation in higher education. However, given the massive wealth and power that the University holds, her administration must address the systemic issues that perpetuate inequality and injustice at Harvard.

Charles Sumner and His Family Deserve A Harvard House

There are few families tied to the legacy of Harvard that come close to the honor and fortitude of the Sumner Family. Those who we choose to memorialize define what we as the Harvard community want to embody in the future. As we work to become a more just community, we must reckon with our history. That process can begin at Sumner House.