Advocate out today.

There were a large number of snow-slides yesterday.

Tickets for the Yale Glee Club concert are selling rapidly.

There was a cut in the examination of Philosophy 1 yesterday.

The Brighton road was well patronized by Harvard men yesterday.


Pach's list of photographs have been sent around among the students.

In spite of the bad walking many ladies visited the college yesterday.

The Yale Club of Boston and vicinity dined at Young's Hotel last evening.

The Yale Glee Club concert at New Haven takes place next Monday evening.

Councilman S. W. McDaniel, of Ward 1, graduated from the law school in '78.

Thomas W. Keene appeared before the Yale students Tuesday evening as Macbeth.

It is rumored that the Law School will get up an eight for the class races next spring.

The editors of the Advocate from '84 will probably be announced in today's number.

We learn from Mr. Pach that about 125 seniors have already sat for their photographs.

About twenty-five persons, ten of whom were ladies, attended Mr. Perry's lecture yesterday.