Lampoon out today.

There was a rehearsal of the Pi Eta juniors last evening.

The entries for the Saturday games close tonight at nine o'clock.

Mr. Charles H. Holman, '82, was recently married at Philadelphia.

Mr. Perin returned to the junior crew Tuesday after a week's absence.


Ernst, formerly pitcher on the 'Varsity nine, was at the gymnasium yesterday.

The Glee Club concert in Exeter has been postponed until after the coming recess.

The Athletics of Philadelphia have written to arrange a game with Harvard for April 12.

Notice has been given by the bursar that all re-engagements of rooms for next year must be made by April 1.

There will be an hour examination in Philosophy 4, shortly after the spring vacation, on work done since the semi-annuals.

The new Yale launch in her trial trip made about 12 4-5 miles per hour, and is thought to be perfectly satisfactory in every way.

Professor White advises men to imitate the example of English students, and enter the examinations, even though not moderately certain of success.

Col. W. A. Bancroft and Mr. C. F. Chamberlayne, of the class of '78, have a law office in Moore's Block, on Brattle street, open mornings and evenings.

A new professorship has been endowed by C. H. Northam at Trinity College, and will be called the Northam Professorship of History and Political Economy.

The munificence of "the office" in providing one specimen copy of the annual examinations for over six hundred students is much appreciated by the struggling crowd about it.

An interesting advertisement giving the heliotype portraits of all the Presidents of the United States, with their fac-simile autographs, has been sent about college by a Boston clothier.

One man has been found, whose board at Memorial during the term has averaged nearly twelve dollars a week. His father has written him, advising him, for economy's sake, to buy a carriage and take quarters at the Vendome.

FURNITURE. Parlor, chamber, dining-room, library and office furniture. An immense stock in the warerooms of PAINE'S manufactory, 48 Canal street, opposite Boston and Maine depot.