There will be a recitation in Greek 2 this morning.

The library is lively with the presence of freshmen.

Miss Ulmar seems to capture the hearts of Yale fellows.

Engraving establishments are sending circulars to seniors.

Rev. Joseph May will preach in the College Chapel tomorrow.


There is much speculation as to the tug-of-war this afternoon.

The University of Michigan will present a French play this spring.

Yale College has petitioned the legislature to be exempt from taxation.

Several men have recently been summoned for whispering in chapel.

The Everett Athenaeum gave a very enjoyable entertainment last evening.

The dress rehearsal of the Pi Eta Juniors takes place Thursday afternoon.

Found. - In a recitation room, a purse. Inquire at the office, 5 University.

Mr. Knowles, '82, has returned to college, after an absence of some weeks, occasioned by sickness.

Messrs. Pach and Sargent still complain that the seniors are very dilatory in making their appointments.

Pennsylvania University Athletic Association have a benefit at the Opera House, Philadelphia, early in May.