Cut in Italian 2 yesterday.

Robinson expects to take his men out-doors next week.

The lacrosse players were out in full force yesterday.

French 5 will begin soon a book of modern French poetry.

Keefe of the Troys was practising with the nine yesterday.


Freshman minimum Greek sections begin composition Friday.

Marks in Political Economy I were given out to seniors yesterday.

Workmen have begun to make repairs on the old gymnasium building.

The devotees of lawn tennis have reappeared on some courts on Jarvis Field.

Mr. Tank Kee is lecturing on China at various colleges. No Tank Kee.

A more frequent sweeping of the dressingroom of the gymnasium would prove acceptable to many.

Renewed attention is being given of late, at "the office," to men delinquent in their attendance at prayers.

Prof. Jamellier's pupils in fencing at the gymnasium have the benefit of a free elective in French conversation.

All the crews went out on the water yesterday. A large crowd assembled at the boathouse to see them start.

We are glad to see that some of the candidates for the Freshman Nine have already made their appearance on the field.