Waitresses Threaten Demonstration at Company Organization Meeting on Thursday Night

Tension gripped rival labor forces in the University's employ last night in anticipation of a clash between members of the A.F. of L.'s three unions here and the so-called Harvard Employees Representative Organization.

Building Service organizer Robert H. Everitt revealed that he had challenged to a debate mysterious officials who opened a drive to establish a company union last Saturday. All 2700 workers employed by the College have been invited to the duel, scheduled for Friday night in Cypress Hall.

May Stage Demonstration

At the same time a strong possibility developed yesterday that waitress and cooks, now 85 percent unionized, might stage a "surprise party" on Thursday night at the hall hired for the second meeting of the rival Harvard group.

"Big shots in the maintenance department' are sponsoring the vertical organization, Everitt charged, but expressed assurance that the University itself had no part in the move. He added that it was improbable that the inside group had signed up 800 workers.


Because the dining hall and kitchen workers have already been granted bargaining power, the addition of a rival force would contribute towards a "distasteful setup," the labor loader held.

Kenneth Taylor, ex-commissioner of the State Labor Relations Act and secretary of the State Federation of Labor, will speak at the rally Friday night.