Corporation Votes $10,000 in Scholarships For 20 Nazi Refugees, Regardless of Creed

Undergraduates Have to Raise Like Sum to Make Good University Offer

Voting 20 new scholarships of $500 each for qualified refugee students of any creed from Germany, the Corporation yesterday responded to the appeal of the Harvard Committee for Refugees, despite the fact that most scholarship funds have already been allotted.

This offer was made with the provision that each scholarship be supplemented by contributions for living expenses to an amount equivalent to $500 raised by the Undergraduate Committee. Toward its own obligation under this proposal, the University has accepted $5000 from the Elizabeth Glendower Evans Fund.

University officials stated that it was expected that a large number of the recipients of these scholarships would be young men who were refugees from Germany for reasons other than the Nazi persecution of racial minorities.

President Conant Hits Nazis

In one of his strongest public statements since he came into office, President Conant yesterday attacked Russian ruthlessness and German barbarity. He declared, "This endeavor of the Harvard College students to raise money by their own efforts to aid refugees is of importance primarily as a symbol of the determination of the younger generation to show by deed as well as by words that the humanitarian basis of democracy is not dead.


"If similar organizations in other colleges and universities can raise funds to take care of capable students who are fleeing the terrors of a dictatorship," he continued, "it will be evident that he American youth has not been made callous by the ruthlessness of the Russian experiment or the barbarities of the present German government."

Faculty Committee Chosen

To assist on questions of policy and selection of scholarship recipients, the student group has chosen a faculty committee which will consist of Dean Hanford, Chairman; David M. Little '17; Secretary to the University and Master of Adams House; Felix Frankfurture, Byrne Professor of Administrative Law; and Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government.

"We believe that Nazi oppression has presented a challenge to each of us," said Robert E. Lane '39, head of the Undergraduate Committee which originated the plan. "The Corporation has meet this challenge. It is now up to the students and faculty of Harvard to do what they can in the drive starting tomorrow."

The refugee scholarship recipients will be limited to upperclassmen and graduate school students. They will be admitted at the begining of either academic half-year, depending upon the arrangements made in individual cases.