Coach Wes Fesler's Varsity basketball team dropped its second league encounter of the season at New Haven Saturday night to the improved Eli five 35-33.

Yale's victory over the Crimson puts the Feslermen in a tie with Columbia for third place in the circuit standings with two wins and as many losses, while the Blue shot out of the Ivy League cellar with two victories and six set-backs.

Leading at the half, the Crimson cagers were unable to stop the Eli rally in the opening minutes of the second period, and in vain resorted to long shots from the floor to pass the Yale quint.

Play, Rough and Slow

Although both teams were rough and the scoring slow, because of the closeness of the contest the capacity crowd of 2300 was constantly kept on their feet. Free throws on personal fouls resulted in 22 points, and it was largely due to the Crimson's inability to drop shots from the foul line, that Yale retained its lead.


Tom Erickson, Eli guard, and John Herrick, Crimson center, tied for high scoring honors for the evening with 11 tallies. The return of Herrick to form after a slump of several weeks was one of the bright spots of the game for the Cantabs.

Forced out of the game on personal fouls, the Yale center, Al Stevens, dropped four baskets for eight points, fol- lowed by Captain Vern Struck and George Lowman of the Crimson with seven tallies apiece.

Yale Takes the Lead

Fesler started his second string of Chet Legg and Fred Heckel at forward, Herrick, center, and John Dampeer and Dick Wills, guards after the half-time rest. The Crimson lead of 15-14 was soon wiped out and the Crimson regulars were rushed into action. The Varsity attempts to score were to no avail as the Elis increased their margin to nine points.

Inactive in competition since January 15, the Crimson five was far from top form Saturday night. If Fesler can whip the squad into condition by this week-end, Harvard should at least gain an even split in two games Friday and Saturday with Cornell and Columbia.

Andover Outpoints Crimson

After holding Andover to a single field goal in the first half, the Yardling cagers dropped their sixth decision of the season to the prepsters 20-16 Saturday afternoon at the Indoor Athletic Gymnasium.

Both teams were airtight on the defense during the first two cantos, with Bud James, Crimson guard, completely smothering high scoring Pete Dudan. The Blue team used a man to man defense for the first time this year with great success.

At half-time, the count was only 9-6, with the Freshmen leading, but in the fourth period May at center for the visitors tipped in two rebounds for the visitors, giving them the lead 18-16. Yardling starters were Lub Lubchansky and Don MacSweeney, forwards, Homer Peabody, center and Fran Simpson and Bud James guards