Situation at Its Worst Now, Hanford Reports, but Peak of Rejections Is Passed This Year

Five hundred and thirty-three Freshmen and 88 upperclassmen will receive notices today of acceptances to the various Houses out of a total of 984 men who made application for admission. The total number admitted this year is larger by 38 than at the time of the first assignment last year, Dean Hanford reports, and 22 more upperclassmen have been admitted this May than a year ago.

The number of rejections this year is smaller by 77 than last year at the same time. This is due partly to the smaller number of new Freshmen admitted to the college in 1937 and partly to the fact that the graduating class this year is larger than the Class of 1937. Last spring, 517 Freshmen and 66 upperclassmen out of a total of 1017 applicants were admitted in the first assignment.

Situation at its Worst Now

In commenting on these figures, Dean Hanford said yesterday: "It is unfortunate that over 300 undergraduates should be disappointed in this first assignment to the Houses. It should be remembered, however, that the situation appears at its worst at this time, because we know from past experience that as a result of the inevitable changes in plans between now and next year many of the 1700 places in the Houses now assigned will be available for men on the Waiting List by next fall.

"Of the 414 men who failed to secure admission to the Houses in the first assignment a year ago, 143 had been admitted by March of the current academic year. Of those 414, only 135 who were eligible and living in residence this year had not been admitted to the Houses up to the time of the present assignment. Many of these men have now been placed for next year. Clearly the peak of the rejections has been passed."


Dormitory Rooms Available

It was announced by the Dean's office that students who wish to be considered for vacancies as they occur should fill out an application blank for the Waiting List at the House Office in University 4.

Students who have reserved a room in the college dormitories will be allowed to cancel their reservations without charge in case they later receive an assignment to a House.