Dartmouth's in Town, But Hang Around Girls; They're a Changed, Subdued Tribe of Indians

Beer Replaces Rum and All's Well In The Statler Hotel Tonight

The Big Green must have changed since some ardent Indian wrote the famous drinking song to the effect that "Dartmouth's in town again so run, girls, run," according to the Statler staff. "We've never had any trouble of that sort, either," Scanlon stated proudly "The boys and girls just have a little fun."

Not only has the modern Dartmouth boy become a platonic lover, but he now eschews the very rum with which Old Eleazer purchased the land for his college. "Of course we still always find a few beer cans around the inner court the next morning," Scanlon admitted.

The Boston nightclub owner sneered in answer to a question about the extent of Dartmouth drinking. "Hell, no, They don't make no trouble and they don't drink much," was his comment. "And put in a statement that we're expecting a capacity crowd Saturday."

As to drinking and damage, he scoffed at reports that the Big Green devastates that which it takes over. Ten cents worth of destruction in two years is his estimate. "Of course, they always threw a few beer cans out of the window into the inner court." he admitted.

A laughing denial greeted the question as to whether the Statler takes special precautions with its furniture and fittings for the weekend, supposed, according to tradition, to be Dartmouth's first big blowout since the Indian's confinement in their mountain fastness began.


"Hell, no. They don't make not trouble and they don't drink much," was the grunted comment from the nightclub manager. "And put in a statement that we're expecting a capacity crowd Saturday night."