Film Agencies Deny Releases To HLU Series

Distributors Will Act On U.T. Complaint

United World Films will not release "Odd Man Out" for Liberal Union Film Series showings this spring.

Roy F. Gootenberg '49, former HLU president, stated yesterday that United World had refused because of University Theatre complaints of competition.

Last week RKO Radio Films Inc. refused to lease HLU any more 16 mm films which would compete with local movie theatres using 35 mm film. This decision resulted in cancellation of scheduled showings of "The Informer" and "Room Service."

HLU Had Contract

Agreements between theatres and distributors allow distributors to stop releasing 16 mm films to groups which might compete with local movie houses. Gootenberg pointed out, however, that HLU had signed a contract this fall with United World to rent "Odd Man Out."


HLU is now consulting lawyers to see if United World can breach its contract and if United World is acting under a collusive agreement with the University Theatre.

Meanwhile the Film Series has tentatively scheduled several Charlie Chaplin and "Topper" films to replace the with-held movies.