Varsity Swimmers Favored In Navy Meet on Saturday

The Crimson swimming team would be favored to sink its strongest opponent to date when it travels to Annapolis Saturday, but the Navy has done a fairly efficient job of scuttling itself. Naval Academy coach John Higgins said last night that two of his top performers will be unable to compete.

Breaststroker Neal Bird, who broke the Naval Academy record three weeks ago, dislocated his shoulder Tuesday afternoon and will be out for the remainder of the season. The Middles' outstanding distance man, Jan Vanderaluis, contributed to the Crimson cause by falling down a flight of stairs and spraining his ankle.

But even with these losses. Annapolis should be stronger than any of the three opponents Hal Ulen's team has defeated this season. The Middles have lost to Princeton, tied Pittaburgh, and defeated Brown, Rutgers, and Columbia. Divers Jerry Anderson and Owen Davies and sprinters Gil Rindahl and Bill Beurr have been outstanding.

Freshmen Meet Quonset Point

The freshmen meet Quonset Point Naval Air Station at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in the I.A.B.


The varsity swimmers have won their first three meets so far this season, defeating M.I.T., Springfield, and Penn.