Lamont Plans No Change in Hours For Coming Reading Period Throng

Despite the anticipated reading period rush, Lamont Library--three years old this week--plans no changes in hours, Philip J. McNiff, Librarian of Lamont, stated yesterday.

"Students have found the regular hours adequate to complete their work in the past," McNiff said. He added that the cost of keeping Lamont open later in the evening until 11 or 12 p.m. would be very high because it would necessitate the employment of additional personnel.

The main need, McNiff said, is not for additional hours, but for a study hall, where students could study in silence. He has previously suggested the use of the basement of Memorial Church.

"A library is a very expensive study hall," McNiff noted, "especially at a time when the University is trying to keep students' expenses down."

Yale's Sterling Memorial Library is open until 12 p.m. every day, and from 1:30 p.m. to 12 on Sundays.


At the dedication of Lamont Library, three years ago, Prevent Buck told his audience that the library marks a return to the belief that education is based on the unrestricted access to all that humanity has thought and experienced.