1952 Soccer: Munro Plus Material

Down behind the Business School there are all kinds of construction projects going on, but the one which seems the nearest to completion is not Aldrich or kresge Halls--it's Bruce Munro's 1952 edition of the varsity soccer team.

Munro has had the squad practicing daily since before registration, and has finally come up with a starting team which he terms "better than we've had in quite a while." Although it is hard to tell before the first game, Munro feels his squad, big enough so that everybody has had to work for his position, will turn in a good record against a tough schedule.

Sophomores Will Help

"We'll be slow starting, but should be good later on," he said. "This year's sophomores will be very helpful, but many of them need a little seasoning before they'll hit their stride." Munro feels that these newcomers, coupled with a core of experienced veterans, should make the fall season a happy one.

Best of the veterans is captain Charley Ufford, whom Munro calls one of the top fullbacks in New England, if not in the East. Ufford, a regular for the last two years, played in the North-South All-Star game last year and went to the Olympic tryouts. Senior Bob Sobel, a powerful kicker, completes the veteran fullback combination which should be the bulwark of the team.


Behind these two, Lou Tiger, another senior, is the only replacement, so Munro is praying that there will be no serious injuries to show up his lack of depth in the backline. Roger Taylor is the starting goalie, with Pete Briggs, and sophomore Jack Pildner behind him. Taylor faces the difficult task of filling the place of Dick Craven, last year's all-star captain.

The halfback line has been hit hardest by graduation, but sophomore Alex Haegler, one of the team's five foreigners, has looked excellent in practice and will start at center half. He is fast, with good footwork. Craig Zane will understudy him.

Dana Getchell, one of last year's linemen, will be the right half, backed by Jim--Callahan and sophomore Rusty McIntosh.

Bobby Dean is holding down the right halfback position with Ernie Young, Jack Whiting, Steve Szaraz, and Dave Rogers all pushing him.

Good Forward Line

The forward line is the best Munro has had in a long time. He has more than enough for two complete lines, so the competition is stiff. As it stands now the first line consists of Berk Johnson at outside left, Marv Weiss at inside left, South Americans Maurice Toro at center and Juan Rodriguez at inside right, and Win Knowlton on the right wing.

Pressing very hard on the heels of these starters are four other linemen--Johnny Beer and George Baker, starting insides last season, and Juan Vollenweider and Steve Joyce, who both alternated at the outsides. These four may well break into the first team lineup before long, according to Munro. Bill Cowperthwaite and Dick Elwell are reserves, with Frank Davies a valuable all-round utility man who can kick equally well with either foot.

Many Men to Pick From

With all this material Munro has an unusual and pleasant problem--selecting a team from a group of many good men, instead of trying to make up a team from mediocre performers. But his team will have to be good this year--the schedule is not easy. The first game is away with traditional rival Williams--this Saturday. Munro can take only 16 men. He's hoping that those who looked good in practice will be the same ones who look good in games, because his bench will have only five men.

He has guessed on his first team--but only time and Saturday's game will tell.