Pyne Warns Auto Owners of Fine; 2000 Registered

A final warning to students who have not registered their cars with the University was issued Tuesday by Charles C. Pyne, assistant to the administrative vice-president.

According to Pyne, only 2000 cars have been registered so far this year. There were 3000 listed last year, he said.

"There is a $10 fine for anyone who does not register, and we're going to start ticketing in earnest," Pyne said. "We've been lax these first few days, giving everyone a chance to get settled and registered. we don't want to fine people, but we're going to."

It costs nothing to register a car with the University, Pyne continued. He also added that University police will be working in cooperation with the Cambridge police to keep cars off the streets marked "no parking" or "no parking this side."

"It's important that those signs be observed," Pyne said. "When cars park in restricted areas, they block access to fire plugs and often obstruct traffic."


He indicated that nor only Cambridge, but also University police would ticket and fine offenders.