Stargel Will Not Be Ready to Play Against Columbia

Lloyd Jordan appeared to have lost a tackle yesterday, but at the same time, it looked as though the Crimson football coach might have found some unexpected guard strength.

In ascending order of cheer, Jordan revealed that:

1. Staring offensive tackle Bob Stargel "won't be ready to play" against Columbia Saturday. (Stargel is incapacitated--although no longer hospitalized--by an ear infection.)

2. Guard Don Weber--no relation to blocking back Bill-had been discharged from the arnfy, and is now working out with the J.V.

Weber, a standout with the class of 1953 freshman team, seemed headed for a varsity position when his national guard unit was activated in the fall of 1950.


He was never played a minute of varsity ball, and is, Jordan said, "out of condition; you don't play much football in Korea."

But Weber was "a fine prospect," and might aid the Crimson in one of its thinner positions. Jordan said that Weber was learning both offensive and defensive routines, "but he has to work his way onto the varsity."