Juniors in ROTC To Sign Advanced Contracts Today

Juniors signing the Air Force ROTC advanced contract today will agree to remain in the reserves for an eight year period instead of indefinitely, as previously expected, Colonel Frank H. Bostrom revealed last night.

Congress has recently passed laws making Air Force officers subject to permanent reserve, but the ROTC agreements have not as yet been changed. Colonel Bostrom indicated that there would probably be no need to sign new agreements in the event the eight year limit is eliminated.

88 to Sign

The contract, which will be signed by 83 Air Science 3 students in the next two days, is substantially the same as in previous years. The cadet agrees to go on active duty for a minimum of two years, if called after receiving his commission, and to fulfill the requirements of the course as prescribed by the Air Science Department.

Individual Board


In the event a student decides to quit or fails to meet minimum requirements for his commission, the contract stipulates that his deferment will be revoked and the student will be subject to immediate draft. Whether a student is drafted or not will still depend on the local boards.

The flight operations section of Air Science 3 will sign the same contract as the comptroller division.