Varsity Booters Play Brown Today; Two Regulars Will Start on Bench

With two regulars riding the beach, Harvard's goal starved varsity soccer team travels to Providence today in quest of its fourth victory of the season against a weak Brown eleven.

Coach Bruce Munro will start Frank Davies at center forward in place of Mauricio Toro, and Craig Zane at center half in place of Alex Haegler. Both Toro and Haegler were in Cambridge Tuesday when the team played the University of Connecticut at Storrs. Davies and Zane filled in then also, and Munro was so satisfied with their play that he will go along with them today.

"Brown is not too potent," Munro said yesterday, "but these teams that aren't always seem to get in our hair. We have always had trouble with Brown."

The Bruins this year have a record of one win, one-tie, and four losses. In their last game they beat Tufts 6 to 2. They tied Williams and lost to the University of Connecticut, Yale, and Dartmouth. Star of the Brown team is center halfback Ceby Habersky.

Commenting on the Crimson season so far, Munro said, "We haven't been scoring the way we should. We've had the ball down there enough to win a hundred games, but nobody pushes it in. Everybody wants to let the other fellow do the shooting. I can't find anybody that's goal hungry."


Two other possible lineup changes may put Pete Briggs in the goal in place of Roger Taylor and either Charlie Platt or Lou Tiger in place of fullback Bob Sobel. Briggs needs another game in order to win a letter and Sobel is nursing a bad leg.

Hour exams have cut into practice attendance this week and Munro stressed fundamentals in the half-field scrimmages.

"We should take them," Munro said. "If we don't, I'll be very surprised."