Eli Track Team Favored to Keep Indoor Streak Intact

The Yale track team is confident of maintaining a five year undefeated record in indoor dual competition against the Crimson this afternoon at New Haven, but Harvard, despite its definite underdog role, is hopeful of breaking the string.

The Crimson chances will depend a good deal on the health of two ailing stars, Ed Grutzner and Charlie Durakis. Both have been sick off and on for the past two months, and it is questionable whether they'll be able to compete today. The loss of either will seriously weaken the team.

Yale will count on winning both relay events to provide the necessary point cushion to win. They have good reason to expect to pick up ten points in these events. The Blue's mile relay team has beaten its Crimson counterpart three times this season, while its two-mile team has also shown more class than the Crimson contingent. A win by either Harvard relay team will be a big upset, and will go a long way toward breaking Yale's string of victories.

Harvard has the individual stars to beat Yale, even if the relays are conceded to the home team. But in order for the Crimson to win, these individuals will have to turn in their best performances of the season.

Ronnie Berman will be facing his toughest competition of the year against Yale's Jack Meader and Dick MacDougal in the 600 yard run. In this event, Grutzner will be an important question mark.


Dave Cairns will be a slight underdog in the mile, when he faces Frank Efinger and Joe Albanese, and the Crimson's Dave Gregory will have plenty of opposition in the form of George Dole, Dan Strickler, and Bill Handelman in the two-mile event. Yale's Mike Stanley and Rollie Garofalo are heavy favorites in the 1000, although Jim Downey could break up this combination.

Bob Twitchell will be favored in both the dash and hurdles, with chief opposition expected from the Elis' Tod Lewis in the former and Brian Pendleton and Pete Mott in the latter