3 College Clubs Sponsor Petition Condemning '55 'Cross Burning'

Three undergraduate organizations have decided to sponsor a petition condemning the February 5 cross-burning in the Yard, and in their announcement said they hope other organizations will support their movement.

The Liberal Union, the Society for Minority Rights, and the Education Society are the initial sponsors. "First we want to get all the undergraduate organizations to agree to co-sponsor this petition and then get as many students as possible to sign it," Paul M. Levine '54, president of the H.L.U., said last night.

This petition reads: "On the evening of February 5, a five ft. cross was burned in the Harvard Yard near the quarters of nine Negro students. Shortly thereafter a Negro student was jeered.

"In view of the implications and repercussions, we condemn these acts as in no way representative of the sentiments of the Harvard student body."

The purpose of this action in part is to counteract the adverse publicity that this incident has brought the College, Levine said.


Meanwhile an ad hoc committee of undergraduates is seeking clarification of the College's official stand. "We think official condemnation is needed to clear the name of Harvard," stated Charles Greenblatt '52, spokesman of the group.