Swimmers Win, Quintet Bows Over Weekend

Tigers Fall, 56-28, Before Ulen's Team

In what started out as the most exciting swimming most of the year but ended up as a rout, the Crimson varsity won its eighth straight of the season Saturday night, topping Princeton, 56 to 28.

Tiger John Stone handed Dave Hedberg his first loss of the season in the 100, world champion Bob Brawner ran away with the breaststroke, and the undefeated Princeton medley relayern remained undefeated. Hal Ulen's Crimson won the other seven events, although several of them would have had photo finishes if a photographer had been there.

Millard Takes Two

Sophomore John Millard was the only two-event winner of the evening, taking the 220 and 440 freestyles easily in fairly good times. Hedberg won the 50 in a slow (for him) 23.8 and anchored the 400-yard relayers to an unhurried win. The Crimson's top sprinter, however, paced himself too carefully in the 100, which might have been a four-way tie as far as the 400 onlookers could determine. Time of the 100 was 53.5.

Pete Dillingham took the dive, as was expected, and sophomore Don Mulvey turned in a good 2:16.6 in the backstroke. Mary Sandler and Charlie Egan thrilled the crowd by coming from behind to finish one, two in the individual medley.