150's in Second Race Are Heavily Favored Against Tabor, M.I.T.

Bert Haines, lightweight crow coach, wasn't sure of the weather last night--"anyone who has lived in New England knows you can't predict the weather"--but he expressed monosyllabic confidence as to the outcome of today's race.

All three 150 starters will be on the river today. The varsity is racing M.I.T. at 3 p.m., the J.V. against both Tech and Tabor Academy's first boat, and the freshmen against Tech's freshmen and Tabor's second boat.

M.I.T. Rematch

Tech is the definite underdog today, since Haines' crews already whipped Tech last week. The only close one in the 11 boat meet was the freshman race, in which Haines' boat squeezed out a tenth-of-a-second victory. In the varsity race, M.I.T. finished third behind Harvard and Columbia, and did no better with their jayvee boat, finishing last behind Harvard and Columbia.

Dick Lincoln's boat will race the big one, with Lowell Laporte's crew in the jayvee spot. Varsity boating are Lindy Watkins, 7; Ted House, 6; Randy Seed, 5; Ray Burns, 4; Steve Leland, 3; Bob Lofgren, 2; Joe Brown, bow. Bruce Williams is the cox.


In last week's lightweight race on the Charles, Tech's varsity and jayvees finished third behind Harvard and Colombia.

The jayvee boatings are; Bill Holden, 7; Art Herbst, 6; John Morgan, 5; Dan Rakov, 4; Stan Kahrl, 3; Oakes Ames, 2; Dick Gillies, bow, with Mo Ordesky at cox.