Graduate Schools Elect Sixteen to Student Council

Graduate students will vote today and tomorrow to fill 16 vacancies in next year's Student Council. Men and women from the Schools of Arts and Sciences Design, Divinity, Education, and Public Administration are eligible to cast ballots, with each of the Schools guaranteed one elected delegate.

Besides the 16 seats in contention this week, there are nine others in which the present incumbents will retain office. The Council will also accept applications for its one non-elective post, treasurer. The job pays $200 a year.

Polling places today and tomorrow include Harkness Commons, Agassiz Hall, Fogg Art Museum. Widener Library Emerson Hall, the Biological Laboratories, Pierce Hall, Littauer Center, Robinson Hall, Lawrence Hall, and Andover Hall.

One of the 16 positions includes membership on the Council's National Student Association Committee; Donald J. Young 3G and Henry Stengel 3G are running for this seat.

The 29 nominees for the remaining 15 posts are: Abraham H. Black 1G, R. Wallace Bowman 1P.A., Marion C. Brewer 1P.A., Charles E. Brown 1G.Ed., Stewart G. Bryant 2G.S.D., Robert E. Burns 1G, Robert H. Dix 1G, John T. Connell 2G.S.D., Rodney E. Engelin 2G.S.D., Wendell L. French 1G.Ed., David R. Gardner 1P.A., Abdul R.A. Al-Habeeb 1G, and Monroe Z. Hafter 3G.


Also running are: Herbert R. Harvey 1G, Marvin W. Herrick 1G.Ed., Robert L. Hall 1G, Violet Kugris 1G.Ed., Ruth Lottridge 1G, Jean Matter 1G, Rudolph W. Nemser 3Dv., Margaret Pfau 2G, Eugene H. Hosebloom Jr. 1G, J. Frank Schulman grDv., Charles I. Stastny 2G, Robert C. Stender 1P.A., Melvin C. Schefftz 1G, Eugene D. Wheeler 1G.S.D., Thomas D. Ward 1G.S.D., and Sheldon Wolff 2G.