Lacrosse Team Goes to Play Improved Williams Today

It's a shame that the schedulemakers had to locate today's Harvard-Williams lacrosse game in far-off Williamstown. The Ephmen, almost as much as the Elimen, are the Crimson's "objective" opponent, and the game is generally one of the best of the year.

Coach Bruce Munro's team slammed the Purple, 11 to 6, last year, which means that Williams wants to win this one. But the Crimson lost badly, 12 to 4, in 1959, the last time the teams met at Williamstown. The varsity took considerable abuse from the home fans on that occasion; today marks its first chance to retaliate.

Williams has apparently improved considerably since last year. The Ephmen had goalie trouble in 1951, but Coach Harvey Potter has now come up with Rod Starke, a sophomore who was an all-New England prop school goalie at Andover two years ago.

Besides the greatly strengthened defense, the Ephs have a powerful attack setup, centered mostly around a couple of top-notch attackmen, Dave Harrison and brilliant creaseman Bruce Van Dusen.

The probable lineups:


WILLIAMS: Starke, goal; L'Hommedieu, Palmer, Bayer, defense; Curtis, Murphy, Shudt, midfield; Van Dusen, Donaho, Mitchell, attack.

HARVARD: Thomas, goal; Byrne (C), Spence, Maroni, defense; Huebsch, C. Baldwin, Brooke, midfield; Alello, Yost, R. Baldwin, attack.