University Appoints Forty-Five To Graduate Fellowship Positions

Forty-five Harvard Foundation Follows in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Education, and Public Administration have been appointed for next academic year, the University announced yesterday.

The fellowships to assist future scholars, scientists, engineers, school administrators and government officials have been given by the Harvard Foundation for Advanced Study and Research from funds provided by annual gifts of alumni and friends of the graduate schools.

The Harvard Foundation also is providing funds for the support of scholarly and scientific research by faculty members of the three graduate schools during 1952-53.

Among the Harvard Foundation Fellows for 1952-53, their undergraduate colleges and their fields of study are:

James L. Houghteling Jr., of Washington, D. C., B.A. Yale University, 1941, LL.B. Harvard University, 1948, (Public Administration).


Harold L. Klagstad Jr., of Winnetka, Illinois, A.B. Harvard, 1948, A.M. Harvard University, 1951, (Slavic Languages and Literatures).

John E. Grant of Cambridge, Mass., A.B. Harvard, 1951, (English).

Robert M. Guttman of Cambridge, Mass., Harvard College, (Public Administration).

David Brody of Elizabeth, New Jersey, A.B. Harvard, 1952, (History).

Edwin F. Dolin of New Hartford, New York, A.B. Harvard, 1949, (Comparative Literature).

David G. Aivaz of New York, New York, A.B. Harvard, 1947, A.B. Harvard University, 1950, (English).

Burton M. Wheeler of Columbia, South Carolina, A.B. University of South Carolina, 1948, A.M. Harvard University, 1951, (English).

George Yamashiro of Kapoa, Kaual, T. H., A.B. Emmanuel Mission College, 1949, A.M. Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary, 1951, (Semitic Languages and History).

Dean S. Warren of Los Angeles, Calif. A.B. University of California, 1950, (Government).

Chun Chia Lin of Oakland, Calif., S.B. University of Calif., 1952, (Chemistry).

Benjamin B. Tregoe, Jr. of Palos Verdes, Calif., A.B. Whittier College, 1951, (Social Relations).

David J. Bordna of Ashford, Conn., A.B. University of Connecticut, 1950, (Social Relations).

Ralph W. Osborne of Plainfield, Conn., S.B. In Ed., Bridgewater State Teachers College, 1932, Ed. M., Boston University, 1939, (Education).

Lawrence B. Krause of Washington, D.C., A.B. University of Michigan, 1951, (Economics).

Jirl Liska of Washington, D.C., Dr. Jur., Charles University, Czechoslovakia. (Government).