Fund Council Names Four To Solicit Class of 1952

Four agents were named yesterday to solicit the Class of '52 for the Harvard Fund; William B. Frothingham, Jr., of Eliot, Forrest L. Gould, Jr., of Dudley, Bruce S. Lane, of Leverett, and Paul M. Weissman of Dunster will work to raise $100,000 or more by the time of the class' 25th reunion. Introduced at the reunion last night, the '52 agents will send out their first appeals within a few days, in keeping with the tradition of tackling the graduating class before it leaves Cambridge.

The Harvard Fund Council was founded in 1925 and solicits annually for the sole benefit of the College. About 70 percent of the 42,000 living alumni of the College have contributed to it at one time or another, and its annual contributors now number nearly 16,000.

In 1951 the Fund raised $409,000 and since 1925 its receipts have been more than $5,500,000. Everything contributed by each graduating class for the first 25 years out of College is credited toward the traditional gift of $100,000 which the class presents to the College.

This donation is to help make up the difference between what students pay for their education and the amount it costs the College to provide it.

Recently the 25th year gift has been increased, and the Class of '26 last June gave $160,000--all of it raised through the Harvard Fund. Such gifts are capitalized for scholarships and undergraduate instruction. As the money is being raised, the College uses the interest on on the sum, usually about $25,000 in all.


During the 1951; appeal, 254 seniors gave $1,421, while during the 1950 drive 283 seniors donated $1,165.

The Fund Council and the senior class officers are responsible for the selection of each class' agents.

All annual giving at Harvard last year (including graduate school funds) was second only to Yale in numbers of donors and fourth in the nation in total dollars raised.