Radcliffe Student Government Holds Cedar Hill Conference With Deans

College Will Store Belongings During Summer Vacation

The Radcliffe Student Government Association held the Spring term Cedar Hill Conference, a meeting between S.G.A. members and the Radcliffe deans, yesterday afternoon and evening in Comstock Hall.

At the conference, Frances R. Brown, Dean of Residence, revealed that students will be allowed to store belongings in the dormitories this summer, contrary to an announcement last fall. She explained that since Harvard has decided not to use the Radcliffe halls for Summer School housing, the college is now willing to incur the "very considerable expense" of storage.

Other decisions made at the conference include plans to open the Radcliffe Library from 2 to 10 p.m. on Feb. 22, Oct. 12, and Nov. 11. Previously, Widener has been the only undergraduate library open on these three holidays. Students also voted to expand the smoking area on the second floor of the library from a small section to the entire floor.

Tutorial Discussed

Substituting for President Jordan in a speech to open the evening discussion, Mrs. Wilma A. Kerby-Miller, Dean of Instruction, called the tutorial system "the heart of Radcliffe and Harvard education."


Mixed tutorial as held in the Houses at present was approved by a majority of the delegates, who commented that separate tutorials lack "creative discussion" and the "stimulation of the masculine viewpoint." Others expressed the opinion that, in separate tutorials, girls tend to get poorer tutors.