GSAS Students Win Food Battle

Outside Consultant to Make Harkness Commons Report

The recent order that graduate students who continue to cook in their rooms will be evicted was issued "too hastily," Mary Tillman, Secretary of Dormitory Housing, admitted last night to the Graduate Student Council. The Council meeting followed a mass protest meeting on Tuesday.

"Perhaps I went too far," Mrs. Tillman said, "but there were so many problems with cooking that something had to be done. We had to move one boy because his roommate's cooking made such an odor."

Several Council members claimed that the whole problem of cooking in rooms indicates the inadequacy of the present situation at Harkness Commons. Mrs. Tillman disclosed that a New York restaurant consultant has been studying the procedure at Harkness and his report will be available by the end of the week.

For the time being, students will be able to cook in their rooms, provided they do not create offensive odors. Replying to a complaint against sloppy garbage disposal, the Council suggested that garbage be wrapped and deposited in covered garbage cans.

There was some resentment among Council members at the suddenness of the decree and the fact that it was made without consulting the Council. "Graduate students are not being treated as adults," declared Max Plotkin 2G. Another member suggested that informal social pressures would be more effective than rule by flat in eliminating unpleasant problems.