Dulles Returns to Army Hospital For Further Medical Treatment; Cubans Suspend Nye's Sentence

WASHINGTON, April 12--Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, looking pale and underweight, flew back from Florida today for further medical treatment.

He went immediately to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he had been under treatment previously for an abdominal cancer.

Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Acting Secretary of State Christian A. Herter, and Central Intelligence Chief Allen W. Dulles, the ailing secretary's brother, met him at the airport when his plane arrived.

His appearance, plus the unexpected decision to return to the hospital, immediately stirred speculation that the secretary has made his final decision about whether he can ever return full time to his State Department duties. State Department aides were clearly worried over the propects of Dulles ever returning full time to his desk.

Dulles took off from Florida a few hours after the State Department announced his doctors have advised him "it is now desirable that he have a period of further medical observation."


Nye Given Suspended Sentence

HAVANA, April 12--A Cuban military tribunal today pronounced a death sentence on Alan Robert Nye for an alleged assassination attempt against Fidel Castro, but allowed the 32-year-old American to leave prison a free man.

The tribunal suspended its death sentence against the gangling Whiting, Ind., man on condition he leave Cuba within 48 hours. Nye expects to be gone with hours to spare. The court said the sentence will be executed if Nye ever returns to Cuba.

Nye, a former U.S. naval pilot, walked out of La Cabana fortress overlooking Havana at dawn, nearly two hours after the three-man tribunal had declared him guilty of attempting to kill Castro, the rebel chieftain who is now Cuba's premier.

The three judges took less than eight minutes to consider the testimony given at a five and one-half hour trial held in the ballroom of the officers' club at La Cabana.

Nye, arrested in the eastern province of Oriente on Dec. 26, had been a prisoner in La Cabana since January.

Russian Spy School Disclosed

STOCKHOLM, April 12--The Soviets are training more than 1,000 top students for spying in America at a center in the Ukraine construoted as an exact copy of a small American town, a Swedish army journal said today.

The journal--called "Contact With the Army," said the students in the Soviet spy center of Winniza live the life of an average American student. They have their meals in snack bars or restaurants which could as well have been situated in New York, Chicago or San Francisco. The menu lists only American dishes.

The motion picture theaters in Winniza show only Hollywood movies and the stores sell only U.S.-made articles. The students drive Fords or Chevrolets by U.S. traffic rules. They study the history of the United States in original American school books and they talk about baseball and the latest scandals.