When the Freshman lacrosse team plays Governor Dummer this Wednesday in its first game of the season, over half of the Crimson squad will be witnessing their first lacrosse contest. Though twenty-six Freshmen went out for the team, only seven of them have ever played the game before.

Since the sport requires techniques much more skilled than most, coach Jim Lentz has a headache in preparing for Governor Dummer. As assistant coach Hal Loucheim said yesterday, "The success or failure of the team depends on how fast the new players adapt to the game."

The seven boys who are experienced, however, are some of the best to appear on the Freshman lacrosse team in recent years. Boasting three men who were "All New England" school, Lentz has an extremely powerful foundation on which to build. Attackman Woody Spruance, midfielder, Walt Arensburg, and defenseman Henry Field give Lentz an exceptional player in each position.

Spruance, first string for three years at Exeter, is an excellent performer in the crease. Reminiscent of last year's star, Dave Bohn, he is very adept at receiving passes in front of the opponent's goal and shoving the ball past the goalie. With attackman Grady Watts, great at breaking through the defense, Lentz has a valuable scoring punch.

The midfield position is the only one in which all three places are filled with experienced players. Gil Bamford from Andover and Pete Siegloff from Deerfield team with Arensburg in forming a strong, fast unit.


However, like forwards in hockey, the midfielders move up and down the field constantly, and depth is needed in the position. Lentz does not have depth now, and the team may be in for some rough games till the rookies develop.

Mike Sheridan is the other veteran defenseman, and Lentz will probably start Dave Grannis from Minnesota to round out the position and give the team added size which is crucial for blocking.

The other promising players, new to the game are Freshman football captain Bill Swinford, Bill Desloge, Bob Mautz, and Bob Bland.

Though Bland had never been in a lacrosse goal before last week, he performed well as hockey goalie this winter. He has the necessary reflexes.