Lacrosse Team Rated Underdogs Against Indians

The varsity lacrosse team, which has shown marked improvement in the past week, will have to turn in an exceptionally good performance to beat Dartmouth at Hanover Saturday afternoon. Last week the Indians had little trouble beating Williams, one of the finest lacrosse teams in New England.

But if the Crimson attacks--who played their best game of the season against Tufts Wednesday--can break through the vaunted Dartmouth defense, the varsity might come out on top.

One shortcoming of varsity play so far this season has been its sloppy passing attack. Against Tufts, however, the team frequently completed tricky sequences of four and five passes. Saturday's game should show whether this was due to the Jumbos' inexperience or to Crimson improvement.

Tightened Defense

The varsity defense has tightened up in recent games. With Lanny Keyes, Bron Thayer, and Mike Adair in the line-up, the Crimson was successful in 14 out of 20 clears against Tufts, and might be able to hold the Dartmouth attack in close check.


Indian play this season has hinged largely on the performance of its erratic sophomore midfield.

Starting at attack will be Dave Bohn, Jerry Pyle, and Nick Lamont, with Andy Leaf alternating throughout the game. Chris Stone will be in the nets.

The Yardling lacrosse team will also face Dartmouth Freshmen at Hanover Saturday afternoon.