Several Athletes React Against H.A.A. Budget

Funds Hurt Minor Sports

Reactions from varsity athletes indicated yesterday that the H.A.A.'s further reduced budget fits the teams like last year's uniforms. Several athletes noted that the smaller sports have been so hurt by their reduction to club status that their very existence as organized sports has been gravely threatened.

Next year's golf captain, James D. Noble '61, predicted that "the reduction will lead to the abolition of golf at Harvard." He emphasized that "there were some fellows who didn't come out for the team because they couldn't afford it."

In the cross-country realm, Jared E. Fitzgerald '61, who always has had his own transportation paid by the team, pointed out that "some of the kids go out for the team in the hope of doing a little travelling." For the Cornell trip, however, only seven runners went by plane, and the others were forced to drive.

Recruiting, Then No Support

Fitgzerald continued, saying that "the strange thing is that some of the guys who drove up did better than the guys who took the plane." He also wondered why the University goes out of its way to attract athletes and then refuses to support them. "It's especially hard for guys on the borderline; they do their darndest for the school, then they have to take the car," he stated.


The skiing team was also reduced to club status in last year's budget slash. Captain James H. Breasted, III '60 claimed his team did not need much, only $500 to $1000. 'It's illogical to take away so little from a budget of $700,000," he added.

Breasted contended further that either the University should support all sports, or "be like European Universities and support no sports."

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